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“With our comprehensive range of continuing education programs, we foster the transfer of knowledge between university and industry and apply lifelong learning in a practical context.”

Sascha Götte, Head of Continuing Education, Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture
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“In times of the energy turnaround, construction industry specialists need profound knowledge of building technology, building culture and matters relating to sustainability.”

Roger Gmünder, Head of Continuing Education, Institute of Building Technology and Energy

“Our continuing education programs constitute a valuable contribution towards the competitiveness and innovative power of Swiss companies in the industry sector.”

Fabio Mercandetti, Head of Executive Education, Institute of Innovation and Technology Management

“Conversions are the main task of tomorrow’s construction industry and Interior Architecture has always been a key contributor in this field.”

Ralph Stoian, Head of Continuing Education, Institute of Interior Architecture

“Skillful product development requires commitment to interdisciplinarity and innovation as well as the ability to see beyond one’s own nose and to keep an eye on the big picture.”

Gerhard S. Székely, Head of Continuing Education, Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Technology

“The regulatory framework forms the guardrails of the medical engineering sector. To know them is to ensure that new products are being developed in compliance with the law.”

Marcel Egli, Head of Continuing Education, Institute of Medical Engineering

“Building culture emerges in an interdisciplinary setting and is invariably specific.”

Erich Häfliger, Head of Continuing Education, Institute of Architecture