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Konferenzbild von CC Kunst Design und Oeffentlichkeit
Moodbild mit der Frage: «wie kann Instabilität gefördert werden?»
Moodbild mit 4 Händen die Teigwaren produzieren

Place further limits on the number of  projects shown during a search.


Instructions for using the project list

There follows a list of projects. The projects can be filtered and browsed.

The relevant search field is marked "filtersearch"; the feature can also be accessed by pressing the "s" key.

The filters are divided into tabs, each of which can contain more than one filter or permit selection by date. The tab headers can be navigated using the "Tab" key and opened using the "Space" key. The "Esc" key can be used to close the tab again. If the tab permits date selection, the "Tab" key can be used to navigate between the input fields. If the tab contains filters, these can be selected using the "Enter" key. The arrow keys can be used to navigate between the filters. Some filters can also be opened using the "Space" key in order to access sub-filters. The "Space" key can then be used to close the filter again.

After selecting the filters, the focus shifts to a list of selected filters. The "Enter" key can be used to deselect them again.

The "Tab" key can then be used to navigate the projects.

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